Posted on Dec 3, 2020

Valen Digital

Why do small businesses have such a hard time with SEO? Budget? Patience? ROI? Management?

So many businesses that are fighting their corner to survive have been waking up to the fact that Google Ads is expensive and that ranking organically is the best solution.

But with all the talk surrounding quality link building, this is where the issues arise.

How can an SEO consultant/agency move the needle if 1 good quality link is the equivalent of what the client has to spend each month? Digital PR isn't cheap - and for good reason, most of the time it involves a concerted effort. Equally "earning links" isn't free because someone has to pay for someone to create some form of "viral" media to naturally attract links - or, someone has to pay with time.

When businesses have a small budget the strategy always should be worked out from cherry-picking quick wins from horizon keywords that rely less on links and more on "quick win" factors.

Most of the SEO campaigns we run are successful because we only work with businesses where we know there is a gap for some quick wins and where the client is fully aware of the commitment, not just financially but more importantly the time required for success.

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