Posted on Dec 9, 2020

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Technical SEO Tip: Place as many JavaScript tags at the bottom of the html document. Officially, script tags live inside the head, but if we place them in the bottom of the document, before the closing tag of the body, we can delay their download and allow our document to first load in the dom, show it to the user and then request the scripts.

This works like this because the browser interprets your document from top to bottom, line by line. When it gets to the head and comes across a script tag, it starts a request to the server to get the file. If it's a huge one, it will keep loading and the user will only see a blank page because it is still loading the head, so move them to the bottom.

This way, all the content of the body will get loaded in before we load the content of the script tag, so we can trick our users into believing that our page is loading damn fast. You can also add a defer tag to your script tags to make sure the html gets loaded first.

Small steps like these will help to increase the perceived pagespeed of your site and tick off on the items on your technical SEO list. If you need the help of technical SEO experts then get in touch with use today for your custom technical audit.

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