Posted on Dec 6, 2020

Valen Digital

Rochdale SEO Tip: As Googles latest Algo update rolls out ensure that your website can weather any storms that this update will bring. Given the time it's taken Google to roll this Core update out, we could be looking at an absolute monster! As the high street has taken a battering over the last several months this update seems to be impacting online ecommerce stores.

Given that more people are searching for and purchasing products online it only makes sense that an Algo update was due to target this industry sooner rather than later. Is your ecommerce store setup to weather any storms? Are there technical SEO issues on site that you have been leaving on the back-burner? OR have you not bothered to clean up your link profile from all those easy to get and dodgy links that have been created in the past?

If this sounds like you then its highly recommended to get things fixed now! You don't want to wait until a big update like this heavily impacts your site. If it does, then recovery can take quite a bit of time during which your profits can take a severe hit. Get in touch with us today and discover how we can help your business survive and grow online with an organic Rochdale SEO campaign.
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