Posted on Dec 2, 2020

Valen Digital

Clients often ask us about link building. Let us bust a myth, the value in newspaper links has fallen over time - whether its a nofollow or follow.

The context of the website linking to your website is of far more importance.

The same argument can be made for DR (domain rank). DR is NOT an indicator of the quality of a website. Often those DR metrics can be manipulated. You can have a low DR website that gets a lot of traffic because of GOOD quality content. Building authority for your own website involves finding quality links that have traffic themselves which in turn when linking to a target website will send strong signals to the search engines and potentially good referral traffic.

A lot of link builders peddle newspaper links and they aren't all they're cracked up to be. No doubt it's nice to have the coverage and brand visibility in a top newspaper, but in reality, power links come from niche relevant good quality sites (in context with the target website). If you need to a good quality link building company then get in touch with Valen Digital. Our link building campaigns can help bring in those power links which can boost authority and traffic to your website.
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